An Immersive Climate Change Experience


Taking inspiration from Linda Stupart’s ‘After the Ice, The Deluge’, as well as Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave’ amongst other works of art forged from human tales of flooding; Lead Curator Micha Nestor takes her knowledge of prehistory and archaeology, bringing to life Britain’s lost connection to Europe via Doggerland.

With a focus on the human loss and environmental damage caused by the effects of climate change, the collective of diverse historians at Past Futures wanted to bring awareness of environmentalism to London’s East End community, through this immersive and accessible art installation. Screening daily throughout COP26 1-12 November at Filet Art Space in the heart of Hackney, DOGGERLAND aims to hit home the imminent issues affecting our planet, especially to those living in high risk countries such as Bangladesh and India.

DOGGERLAND inspires to spark conversations around our own behaviours, ultimately leaving viewers with an optimistic view that they can take control of this dire situation. But more importantly, the team behind Past Futures hopes to empower individuals to hold politicians and corporations accountable for their actions contributing towards this solvable issue.


1 - 12

Filet Art Space

103 Murray Grove



N1 7QP

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