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Over the past decade, our team have gained experience working with leading heritage and travel organisations based in the UK and US. Our primary focus is to provide heritage services including digital interpretation, research and evaluation, helping organisations digitise their collections and engage diverse audiences. Our expertise in community engagement and social research has seen us work with a number of local authorities, political organisations, NHS Trusts and startup companies.

Our client portfolio includes the provision of research reports, impact assessments, data analysis, audio tours, podcasts and exhibition curation.

Previous research has included unearthing organisations links to colonisation and the African diaspora, with Founding Director Micha Nestor particularly interested in creating immersive and engaging experiences using audio. Previous exhibitions run by Past Futures include online exhibition The Sounds of Croydon: From Samuel Coleridge-Taylor to Stormzy and more recently a visual art installation DOGGERLAND: An Immersive Climate Change Experience which explored ancient Britain and the effects of climate change. Past Futures delivers high quality research, alongside helping startups and nonprofits to develop their offering, with advice on how to embed monitoring and evaluation systems in order to best capture the impact and social responsibility being created through cultural organisations work.

Active Horizons Evaluation Services

Air BnB Tour Resources 

Black Business Boom Evaluation Services

Bloom Money Evaluation Services

Camden Council Evaluation services

Caring for Caregivers Evaluation Services

City Wonders Tour Resources

Croydon Council Evaluation Services

Content is Queen Evaluation Services
DeKalb County Board of Health Evaluation Services

DocSociety Evaluation Services

Essex County Council Evaluation Services

Filet Curation & Interpretation Services 

GlobeTrott Tour Resources

Green Party Evaluation Services

Harefield Library Research Services

Harris School Federation Workshop Resources

Hospital Menonita CIMA Evaluation Services

Kingston Heritage Service Curation & Interpretation Services 

Labour Party Evaluation Services

Melanated Capital Evaluation Services

NHS North Lincolnshire and Goole Evaluation Services

Oxfordshire County Council Evaluation Services

Prodigium Pictures Evaluation Services

ShoutOut Network Tour Resources

The Campaign Company Evaluation Services

Unarchived Tour Resources

Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust Research Services

Wobour Evaluation Services

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