Sounds of Croydon: From Samuel Coleridge-Taylor to Stormzy

An online exhibition in conjunction with Black History Month 2020, the Sounds of Croydon uncovered the history of Croydon's global musicians from 1900 to the present day.


DOGGERLAND: An Immersive Climate Change Experience

A visual art exhibition in the heart of the East End of London. Doggerland explored Britain's ancient history, relating this to the current plight of countries in South Asia facing the effects of climate change.

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Creole | Kweyol

Marking 20 years since Documenta 11 was hsoted in the Caribbean, Creole | Kweyol examines the intersection of Indigenous, colonial and contemporary Caribbean culture and history. Coinciding with St. Lucia's National Day of celebrations, Past Futures will host a seminar exploring the subject of creolites and creolization.

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Traditional African Dress


I AM Spirit...

This exhibition will explore the spiritual beliefs and practices of those from the African diaspora. With an aim to exhibit at the Brunei Gallery in SOAS, visitors can learn more about African spirituality including Santeria, Obeah, Vodou and the Orisha tradition.