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Are you looking for a professional heritage consultancy to research, evaluate or project manage your heritage project?

Past Futures is based in London, UK and has almost twenty years of experience working in the education, research and heritage sectors. Our dynamic collective of researchers, historians and curators specialise in digital interpretation to engage underrepresented groups with history, art and culture.

Realising a gap in providing engaging and immersive heritage experiences which highlight diverse histories, Past Futures was founded to increase participation of marginalised groups with galleries, libraries, archives and museums.

Advocates of community cohesion projects, Past Futures offers a range of resources from talks and tours to books introducing children to historical concepts.


The team at Past Futures can manage your heritage projects, whether you are creating a new audio tour for your exhibition or aiming to digitise your museum collection, we have the expertise to deliver high quality consultancy services. Discuss your organisation needs, allowing Past Futures to develop robust research and evaluation strategies for funding impact reporting.

micha nestor past futures.jpg
Micha Nestor, Lead Curator
mamun pic.jpg
Mamun Madaser, Senior Researcher

Micha Nestor MA, has credentials in International Heritage Management from the University of Birmingham and the Ironbridge Institute for Cultural Heritage. Micha has over a decades worth of experience working within the heritage and education sectors, as well as leading research into the use of immersive experiences for the heritage industry.

Mamun Madaser is a BA (Hons) holder in History and English Literature. Experienced in contributing towards exhibition curation, Mamun is passionate about sharing heritage in engaging ways. Having worked on the Newham Family Tree Project, Mamun's research focus is on the contribution of South Asian people and the working classes to British history. 


We aim to respond within 3 days

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