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Why Past Futures?

​Past Futures provides heritage consultancy services to galleries, museums, archives, local authorities and history societies across the UK. With a special interest in digital interpretation, our professional team of historians and curators are highly skilled at creating heritage projects to engage new and diverse audiences. 

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Micha Nestor, Lead Curator
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Mamun Madaser, Senior Researcher

Micha Nestor MA, has credentials in International Heritage Management from the University of Birmingham and the Ironbridge Institute for Cultural Heritage. Micha has a decade worth of experience working with the heritage sector, as well as leading research into the use of immersive experiences for the heritage industry.

Mamun Madaser is a BA (Hons) holder in History and English Literature. Experienced in contributing towards exhibition curation, Mamun is passionate about sharing heritage in engaging ways. Having worked on the Newham Family Tree Project, Mamun's research focus is on the contribution of South Asian people and the working classes to British history. 

Monisha Sadler, Researcher

Monisha Sadler recently graduated with a BA in History from the University of East London and has a particular passion for the history of Black Caribbean people and post-colonial Africa. A tech enthusiast, Monisha is keen to introduce organisations to the latest in digital interpretation technology and social media.

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